Information for Distributors

We recommend to meet with surgeons every 3 months and re-inforce the following product regulations to ensure succesful surgeries:

  1. If a patient has an implanted graft with any infection, the infected graft must be COMPLETELY removed. The Biomodivasc graft cannot be successfully implanted without the complete removal of any existing and infected graft.

  2. Surgeons MUST perform a perfect and aggressive debridement of an infected graft. Failure to do so may compromise the integrity of the fully biological graft 

  3. Surgeons should not be covering the graft with ANY omentum.  The Biomodivasc graft is completely biological and unlike any previous synthetic graft. For this reason, omentum can only damage the graft (see "The Destructive Impact of Momentum on Vascular Grafts" manual).

  4. The patient must be on antibiotics both pre-operatively and post-operatively. This is INTEGRAL for the growth of endothelium. IV antibiotics must be administered for a period of 6 weeks, followed by the administration of anti-coagulant antibiotics for another 6 weeks. 

  5. Any early thrombus on an internal artery can prevent the growth of endothelium. There should be NO COAGULATION whatsoever until there is growth of endothelium on the graft. 

*For more information, please reference the Short Clinical Manual (Manual A) and the Momentum Manual (Manual B)