About BioModivasc
  • We created the Perima: A pericardial graft that is resistant to infection 

  • The Perima bifurcation drastically decreases surgery time

  • The unique products is unlike any other graft on the market 

Analyzing Scans

BioModivasc is at the forefront of creating fully biological grafts that are especially resistant to infection. Our company's grafts are unique as they are unrecognized by the human body's defence system. The straight and bifurcated pericardial grafts, known as the Perima, have been clinically proven to have low reinfection rates and to be very durable.

BioModivasc's focus is on decreasing surgery time to ensure patient survival. By creating veins like the Perima bifurcation, a ready, on-shelf graft, surgeons save 4-6 hours of operation time. This is immensely advantageous to both the surgeons and their patients, proven to have a huge impact on recovery.


**Perima is a trademarked name